Lucy Farrett and Elan James

the royal academy of arts
ra lates

Experience the RA after dark for themed, immersive nights of creativity, ideas and entertainment, inspired by the exhibitions.

In collaboration with Imogen Willetts, Special Events Creative Programmer at the RA, and Abby and Alice, installation dream team, we write, produce and direct the immersive elements of an RA Late, breathing life into the history of the artists and the themes of their art. We’ve directed everything from a 1940s cocktail party with Peggy Guggenheim to heated debates in a 1920s communist workers’ club. We've filmed on a 1930s Hollywood Land studios lot, and invited audience members to the Heaven - and Hell - in Milton's Paradise Lost. We've staged a 1970s Manhattan Happening and earlier this year recreated one of Berta Zuckerkandl's famous Viennese salons. This March we invite you to traverse the thresholds of birth, life, and death as we celebrate the Michelangelo / Bill Viola exhibition.

RA Lates:

Saturday 30 March
7:00pm - midnight

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Georgia Clarke-Day in America Dreaming at the Royal Academy of Arts Charlotte Newton John in America Dreaming at the Royal Academy of Arts
Scarlet Wilderink, Emma Thornett and Antony Antunes Eugene Feygelson, Emma Thornett and Antony Antunes
Rhys Owen with a lobster telephone. Oliver Britten in a crowd of people at the Royal Academy of Arts.
The cast of the RA Late: Manhattan Studio Party. Lydia Hourihan with suitcases.
Andrew London and Emma Thornett Scarlett Wilderink, Emma Thornett and Antony Antunes
Actor Andrew London
Dancer Lucy Wild Lucy Farrett and Elan James

the company

Antony Antunes

Oliver Britten

Joseph Cullen

Eugene Feygelson

Patrick Fysh

Lydia Hourihan

Elan James

Max Krupski

Andrew London

Matt Maltby

Oliver Matejka

Alice Morgan Richards

Rhys Owen

Emma Thornett

Marco Violino

Lucy Wild

Scarlet Wilderink

Photos courtesy of Max Miechowski and Tanya Raab.

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